As Five Star Remodeling marketed our business, we kept finding people who badly needed our services but lack the resources to repair their homes.  Many of the homeowners we encountered were retired, widowed, on a fixed income and have nowhere to turn.

God has placed a burden on our hearts and a thought in our minds that we could and should do something to help in these situations.  So we have taken up the challenge and formed a non-profit 501(c)3 organization to raise funds and find recipients.  Then He went one step further and placed our first recipient front and center in our path.  Norma Russell is a 78 year old widow who lives in Locust Grove.  Her home is literally falling in around her.  She has spent her life doing for others, in her own words “As unto the Lord”.  This simple statement has touched us so much that we have made it our motto.  Please go to and read about Norma and help us by making a small donation if you can, LIKING the Facebook page for Crumbling Homes and telling your friends and relatives.

Thank you and God Bless!

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