Choices in floor coverings abound in the flooring department at all the big box stores as well as our private sources.   Hardwoods  (oak, cherry, birch), Bamboo – one of our favorites because of it’s water resistance and being an earth friendly choice , Tile of all shapes, sizes and material, Laminates which mimic all of the above, and of course Carpet (pile, loop, berber, friese).

What you choose is largely a matter of taste, budget and how the space is used.  Make sure your contractor understands your desires and ask for recommendations based on these three issues.  If you love the classic hardwood floor look but have kids that are prone to spills, your best bet would be Bamboo or laminate.  Craving a high end travertine or slate floor but your budget says no? How about a ceramic look alike. Five Star Remodeling can help with decisions and make your remodeling project look perfect!  Call Sean at (918-519-9841 or complete our contact form to send an email.

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