Do you smell a musty odor in your home? What should you do? Covering up the smell is probably not the best thing if the smell comes from mold.   Did you know that if you see mold on the wall or in the cracks of your shower tile, it could be growing behind the walls?  The spores that this mold produces are not visible to the eye. Five Star Futures is Mold Test Certified and in 48 hours we will have a report showing how much and what kind of mold is in the home. The report shows which types of mold are dangerous. If the mold is contained in an enclosed area, we can abate, or remove, the mold infested wood, sheet rock or flooring. One of our clients was suffering from headaches and physical symptoms. We removed the offending spores and remodeled the space; she is now symptom free.

Are you considering buying real estate? Let us test the property.  Click  here: View Mold Test Report .

Call Sean Sansone at (918)519-9841 for a mold test.

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