We have probably all signed a form when we are selling a home built before 1978 that we are or are not aware of Lead Based Paint in the house.  What does this really mean?  Lead paint has been implicated in any number of problems for children, especially those under the age of six.  These problems include damage to the brain and nervous system, behavior and learning problems and growth problems.  Adults may be effected as well.  How can you know if you should worry?  There are test kits available, which are approved by the EPA.  The homeowner may purchase a test kit and do the test himself.  Of course, every remodeling contractor is now required to receive training and be certified by the EPA to test for and abate lead paint.  Five Star Remodeling is a Lead-Safe Certified Firm, and Sean is a trained and certified lead paint professional with experience in knowing how and where to test and what to do if lead paint is found.  He will test all the painted and varnished wood and sheet rock surfaces with tests approved for each surface. If you are going to disturb any paint in an older home (remodel), you are required by law to be sure there is no lead paint so that any lead dust will not be a hazard.  Call Sean at (918)519-9841.  He can answer any question you have about this important topic.

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